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Q: Are your berries organic?
A: No
Q: Do you spray your berries?
A:  Yes, we are certified by Global Gap. Fruit and water samples are taken prior to harvest
      to meet the minimum residue levels for shipment world-wide.

Q: Is your farm wheelchair accessible?
A:  No
Q: Do you have toilets?
A:  Yes, We have portolets on site, as well as hand-washing facilities.
Q: Do you raise any other produce?
A:  No, not at this time.
Q: Do you have pre-picked fruit for sale?
A:  Yes, Cost is $4.00 per pound.
Q: Do you sell plants?
A:  No
Q: Do you take checks or credit cards?
A:  No, cash only.
Q: Do I need to bring any containers?
A:  No, we provide buckets with bags inside.
Q: Can I bring pets?
A:  No
Q: Can I bring children?
A:  As this is a working farm, all children must be closely supervised by caregivers.
      Due to limited staff, we are not set up for school or large groups for picking.

Q: What should I wear?
A:  Due to heat from the sun, a hat and sunscreen. Sandals are not recommended.
      Closed-toed shoes like sneakers are best, because our field is on uneven ground.

Q: Is there a picnic area?
A:  No
Q: Do you sell food?
A:  No, water my be available for a nominal charge.
Q: Should I wash the fruit?
A:  Yes, all produce should be washed. Wash and dry before freezing.
Q: Are there critters on the farm?
A:  Yes, there are insects, birds and you may encounter an occasional black snake
      (not poisonous).

Q: Can I bring a stroller?
A:  Yes, but it will not fit into the field.


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